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Markets Decline 1/24/14

The markets pulled back this week, which saw only four trading days due to the markets being closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average saw its biggest weekly decline since May of 2012, due in part to a sell-off in emerging market currencies.  Other factors contributing to the pullback were data that showed Chinese manufacturing contracted in January, Argentina’s easing of its currency controls, and fear that the US Federal Reserve’s bond tapering will accelerate.  Investors are beginning to withdraw from emerging market funds, as developed nations look more attractive right now (considered a “flight to quality”).    Continue reading

Market Commentary: 4th Quarter 2013 Newsletter

We have attached our 2014 Outlook for the economy and markets.  This gives you a good overview of what we see as the key catalysts for improving U.S. economic growth and the factors that would help keep stocks moving higher in 2014.  Overall we are optimistic that the U.S. economy will exceed current expectations of 2.5% growth.  We believe U.S. GDP growth will outpace expectations due to the following factors falling into place:  Continue reading

Market Update 1/10/14

We will have our 2014 outlook newsletter finalized shortly.  We see Better U.S. Economic Growth ahead in 2014 for the following reasons:

For 2014, we believe growth will outpace the average estimate for U.S. economic growth of 2.5% due to strong consumer spending, an improving jobs market, recovery in corporate spending, strong housing market, revival in the U.S. manufacturing sector, and better conditions for U.S. exports as our trading partners’ economies heal.  Continue reading