Ryan Powers Promoted to Director of Wealth Management

I would like to announce the promotion of Ryan Powers to the position of Director of Wealth Management at Paradigm Financial Advisors. Ryan has excelled at Paradigm in his role as Wealth Manager while working with a large number of our clients. He has developed exceptional knowledge and skills in advanced financial planning and investment management. Ryan’s attention to detail and incredible work ethic have contributed greatly to the trust and confidence our clients have developed in him as part of the Paradigm Financial Advisors team.

In his new position as Director of Wealth Management, Ryan will continue to take on more responsibility as Lead Advisor for a large number of our clients and ensure that Paradigm continues to deliver a high level of value added client service for many decades to come. As Director of Wealth Management, Ryan will also be responsible for ongoing training and mentoring team members and to further develop their knowledge in the wealth planning and investment management areas. He will also work with me directly on a variety of business process improvements and implement new services to add value to our clients as part of our Fee Only Fiduciary service model.

Also, as part of my responsibility to our clients and in accordance with SEC guidelines it is important that I have a succession plan in place to ensure Paradigm continues to advise our clients in case something happens to me. As part of this succession plan, Ryan would become Managing Member of Paradigm if I were unable to manage the business due to premature death or disability.

Please join us in congratulating Ryan on his well-deserved promotion. He is a great team member and we appreciate his hard work and dedication to Paradigm’s clients.

Jim Reding
Managing Member