Monthly Archives: March 2016

Markets Cautious After Belgium Attack

Equity markets ended their five week streak as Fed officials raised expectations for more interest rate hikes this year.  But much of the focus this week was on the terrorist attacks in Belgium.  The markets reacted in a manner very similar to what we see with other “like” attacks recently.  Initially, the markets fall due to the uncertainties of what is actually happening, which occurred in the European and Asian markets .  If additional attacks took place immediately after, it is possible the markets would have fallen further…the fear and uncertainty of not knowing what is going on tends to spike volatility.  However, as it became increasingly clear that no additional attacks were imminent, the volatility in the markets calmed.  Continue reading

Jackie Dolan to Retire May 13th

We want to let you know that JACKIE DOLAN has decided to retire from Paradigm Financial Advisors after 17 years of providing great client service. Jackie informed Bob & I last week that the reason she has decided to retire is because she has a much better job lined up – with her Grandchildren!

I know it is hard for all of us to imagine Paradigm without Jackie here greeting you as you come in for your appointment or talking to you on the phone. However, this is one of those “bitter-sweet” moments in life where we are sad about losing such a wonderful part of our team but we are also excited for Jackie as she gets to spend a lot more time with her grandchildren – Landon, Freddy & Barrett and she has a new grandchild coming in October! Jackie will also be able to spend more time with her daughter and their family in Colorado. All of us are happy for Jackie and I’m sure her Grandkids and the rest of her family are very excited about her taking this “new position” as a FULL TIME Grandma! Continue reading

Financial Markets Finish Higher for Third Straight Week

Major stock indices eclipsed two major psychological thresholds today as the Dow Jones Industrial Average traded above 17,000 and the S&P 500 traded over 2,000 late in the session on Friday. U.S. equity markets have rebounded over 9% from their lows just 3 weeks earlier, albeit the major indices are still slightly negative for the year. The recent rebound can be attributed to continued improvements in the macroeconomic data (jobs, manufacturing, consumer spending, etc.) and the reversal in oil prices. Many of the doomsayers are having a hard time trying to sell their story of a global recession when the fundamental data continues to suggest otherwise. Continue reading