Jackie Dolan to Retire May 13th

We want to let you know that JACKIE DOLAN has decided to retire from Paradigm Financial Advisors after 17 years of providing great client service. Jackie informed Bob & I last week that the reason she has decided to retire is because she has a much better job lined up – with her Grandchildren!

I know it is hard for all of us to imagine Paradigm without Jackie here greeting you as you come in for your appointment or talking to you on the phone. However, this is one of those “bitter-sweet” moments in life where we are sad about losing such a wonderful part of our team but we are also excited for Jackie as she gets to spend a lot more time with her grandchildren – Landon, Freddy & Barrett and she has a new grandchild coming in October! Jackie will also be able to spend more time with her daughter and their family in Colorado. All of us are happy for Jackie and I’m sure her Grandkids and the rest of her family are very excited about her taking this “new position” as a FULL TIME Grandma!

Jackie will be missed by everyone on the PFA team & by our clients for her warm and friendly personality as well as her humor. One of the reasons that Jackie said she worked for so many years with us at Paradigm is because she loved our clients and enjoyed the team she worked with every day. I know I can speak for all of us saying we love Jackie also. (I can already hear Jackie saying “I’m not dying guys… so don’t make such a big deal out of all of this”… we will definitely miss her humor…)

The official date of Jackie’s retirement will be May 13, 2016. We are sending out this announcement to clients a few months in advance of Jackie’s actual retirement date for two main reasons: 1) we want her to have a lot of time to say her own personal “goodbyes” to everyone and 2) Jackie wants to make sure that her friends/clients are in good hands when she is no longer in the office and she wants to help us train the new team member we are going to hire during this time.

Bob also wants to tell everyone that he hopes you will have an opportunity during the next few months to reach out to Jackie to join us in “thanking” her for everything she has done for all of us over the past 17 years. Bob also wanted to express his appreciation for Jackie for being such a “rare & special” person whose warm, cheerful and friendly demeanor has touched us all! Jackie’s long standing commitment & positive contributions to PFA definitely made us a better team. Bob has relied on Jackie for many things over the years and he is especially grateful for the loyalty and dedication she has given him, the PFA staff, and our clients.

We wish Jackie the very best in the future as she “transitions” into the next chapter in her “book of life” and we hope she will stop by the office from time to time to tell us all the great stories of her family’s adventures…

Bob, Jim & the PFA Team