Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Markets (as of market close October 21, 2016)

Last week began with a whimper as equities closed down (the Dow fell 0.3%), while the 10-year Treasuries yield dropped 4 basis points and bond prices increased. Oil (WTI) fell below $50 per barrel before rallying to around $50.50 per barrel last Tuesday morning. Midweek saw the markets remain steady after the European Central Bank decided to leave its interest rates unchanged. Favorable earnings reports pushed the markets into positive territory by last week’s end, as each of the indexes listed here posted gains week-over-week, led by the Global Dow and the Nasdaq, each of which gained almost 1.0%. The price of crude oil (WTI) advanced $0.68, while gold had a good week, gaining almost $14 over the prior week’s closing price. Continue reading

The Markets (as of market close October 7, 2016)

Equities took a tumble early last week as the Dow, the Nasdaq, the S&P 500, and the Russell 2000 lost value. Only the Global Dow saw gains, largely feeding off the fading value of the British pound. Oil (WTI) opened last week on an uptick, gaining over $0.40 per barrel late last Monday. On Tuesday, word that the European Central Bank would reduce stimulus and raise interest rates (a fact that was denied by the ECB) sent U.S. and global stocks reeling. Bond yields jumped, with the yield on 10-year Treasuries gaining almost 10 basis points by Wednesday morning. Gold fell $42 to $1,276.40, and the Dow tumbled almost 140 points compared to its closing value from the prior week. Oil prices continued to climb on news that U.S. reserves fell for the fifth consecutive week. Continue reading

The Markets (as of market close September 30, 2016)

Last week equities started off well enough, still feeding off the Fed’s decision to leave interest rates alone for the time being. But fear of financial instability for one of the world’s largest banks may have prompted many investors to sell, causing the market to tumble by mid-week. However, news that the bank in question was near a deal to settle some of its financial issues quelled some investors’ fears, lifting the market back to where it left off the prior week. Continue reading