Retirement Planning

The principle goal of most individuals is saving enough for retirement.  However the day you retire is not the finish line. Rather, retirement is a new chapter in life that must be properly planned for and structured in order to accomplish your financial goals.

With life expectancies increasing due to healthier lifestyles and advances in medical technology, retirement can last 30 years or more.  This is why creating and implementing a retirement plan is critical to a successful retirement.  Paradigm develops customized retirement plans for each individual or family that will help define, monitor and achieve their financial and retirement goals.  This process includes tax planning, income and distribution planning, cash flow management, education funding, investment management and estate planning.

We strive to help our clients utilize the investment and retirement vehicles available to them to save enough to build the foundation necessary to meet their retirement goals.  We work with each client to formulate realistic retirement goals based on an analysis of their anticipated needs.  From this we will develop an Asset Allocation Analysis that compiles their needs and goals and generate an allocation based on their risk tolerance, time frame, and other factors.

Our analysis includes determining distribution methods and selecting how to fund goals using qualified and non-qualified accounts.   We help manage and determine when it is most beneficial to begin receiving income streams such as Social Security.

For clients with required minimum distributions from qualified accounts we will calculate the amount needed to be distributed each year and manage the timing of the distribution, the amount of withholding necessary, and if beneficial to distribute assets in kind if cash is not needed.

We assist clients during periods of transition when they have retirement plans such as a 401k at their former employer.  We will coordinate the rollover of plans such as these to ensure these assets remain in their tax deferred structure.

Ultimately our goal is to help our clients retire successfully with as much ease and enjoyment as possible for them.

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