Tax Planning

Taxes must be considered in every financial decision we make. That’s why our team provides proactive planning to help ensure our clients success in any endeavor whether big or small.

We help our clients better prepare for their next chapter in life in retirement by understanding how to establish income streams that meet their financial goals and also provide a favorable tax outcome. We help clients from small business owners to large company executives successfully utilize their different structures and complex retirement plans.

We provide analysis of estate planning and work with client’s attorneys to ensure estate taxes have been considered and a proper plan has been established.

We coordinate with outside CPAs to assist them in preparation of client returns and delivering their services efficiently to our clients. We review finalized tax returns to consider if any errors or omissions and determine if any tax planning opportunities exist.

Our clients know they can come to us when they have tax questions and have confidence we will help resolve the issue.  It is our goal to stay updated on the constant changing tax laws and consider for each one of our clients how they are impacted.

2018 Year End Tax Planning Strategies

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

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