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Fiduciary investment advice is just the beginning…

As your wealth grows, your needs become more complex. Learn how our comprehensive wealth planning services can also help you reduce taxes, protect your assets from lawsuits and divorce and create an estate plan that will provide financial security for your family for many generations to come.
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Our Team Approach

As a client of PFA, you will work with a team that includes a financial advisor, CPA and an Attorney. You will also be supported by our entire team of experienced professionals that are committed to helping you grow and protect your wealth for your family for many generations to come.

We fully disclose all of our fees

PFA was one of the first Registered Investment Advisors in the St. Louis area. We serve our clients in a fiduciary capacity and we are committed to acting in our client’s best interest at all times. Many financial firms that say that they are fiduciaries, are “dually licensed” and they are still getting paid huge commissions for selling insurance and annuities. PFA’s financial advisors are NOT dually licensed and we do not accept any commissions or other compensations for the investments we recommend to our clients.

Institutional Quality Investment Management

When your financial security is at stake, there are no second chances and it is critical that you make prudent investment decisions during volatile time periods in the markets. Over the past 25 years, we have created a proprietary “Core/Tactical” portfolio management process. The “Core” component consists of low-cost ETFs that provide broad diversification in a large number of asset classes. The “Tactical” component is comprised of sector ETFs and individual stocks that offer exceptional long-term risk adjusted returns because they will benefit from a number of thematic catalysts such as: more people working from home; a resurgence in U.S. manufacturing; rollout of 5G cellular service; increased demand for cloud computing, cybersecurity & enterprise software; genomic mapping to make vaccines, cure cancer and other diseases, artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, etc.

Proactive Tax Planning

Most accountants prepare hundreds of tax returns so they typically do not have time to implement tax reductions strategies for their clients. That is why our comprehensive wealth planning services also includes proactive tax planning strategies at no additional cost to our clients. Our team has extensive experience helping high net worth individuals, corporate executives, business owners, doctors and other professionals implement value added tax reduction strategies.

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Advice from an Attorney & CPA without having to pay hourly fees.

PFA is very different from other financial firms because we provide a much broader range of value-added services other than investment management and financial planning.

Our team includes two attorneys, a CPA and other experienced professionals that have earned the following advanced degrees and certifications: CFP (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™) , CPA, MBA, CTFA®, AIF® and NAPFA fee only certified Advisors which enables us to provide a much broader range of services than most other firms.

Having all of your financial professionals in one place will save you time and reduce your legal and accounting costs.

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