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Baby Boomers and Impact on Social Security – 6/27/14

Over the next decade roughly 250,000 people will reach retirement age each month – that’s about 30 million people in the next ten years alone.  With close to 8,000 baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) reaching retirement age daily, many wonder how Social Security will be able to continue to sustain itself.  Approximately 17 percent of baby boomers are now retired – an increase from the 10 percent reported in 2010, and the number is expected to increase to 20 percent in the next few years. Continue reading

Update 6/20/14

The Federal Reserve won’t raise interest rates until 2015:

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said this week that growth is bouncing back and the labor market is improving as it continued to reduce the pace of its monthly asset purchases.  In the post-meeting statement, the Fed said that economic activity rebounded since officials last met in April. Labor market indicators generally showed further improvement.  Household spending appears to be rising moderately and business fixed investment resumed its advance. While inflation has been running below the committee’s longer-run objective, longer-term inflation expectations have remained stable,” the statement said. Continue reading

Update 6/13/14

Jobless Claims

Jobless Claims rose this week to 317,000, which was higher than the anticipated 309,000 economists projected.  The four-week average rose on these numbers, to 315,250.  The four-week average is still down when compared to the average at this time last month, which shows that the labor market has slightly improved.  Our opinion is that we will continue to see steady improvements and this week’s miss, as well as the rise in the four-week average, are not a cause for concern, as volatility in the labor market can occur. Continue reading

Update 6/6/14

Interest Rate and Employment Update

Mortgage applications in the U.S. fell last week as a decline in borrowing costs to almost a one-year low failed to boost purchases or refinancing activity. The Mortgage Bankers Association said that applications for new mortgage loans declined 3.1% in the week ending May 30th which included the Memorial Day holiday. Continue reading